Ride to Thirlmere with CIMAA 2022

A few club members joined in with the Classic Italian club for their regular monthly ride to Thirlmere.

It was a chilly start to the ride from Heathcote (great for Norton engines!). We had a good ride with 2 members of the Classic Italian club, riding in convoy until a stop sign before a one way bridge split us into 2 groups.

The second group led by Rod somehow managed to arrive at Thirlmere before us coming from the opposite direction. More members of the CIMAA who met at Mulgoa arrived 20 minutes later. Some who came from Blaxland and Lawson said it was actually warmer in the Blue Mountains! The hot pies were popular!

Those who attended: David KB (750 Comm); Bob B (850 Comm); Brett R ( 850 Comm); Rod B (750 Comm); Dominic and Marree (750 Comm- with us until Broughton Pass); Bruce H (Ducati); Mark C (Yamaha).