Norton Gathering April 2014

Post date: Apr 16, 2014 9:43:05 AM

Norton Line up
Older Norton
Fastback arrives

After weathering showers, which were strictly coastal, a suitably dry meeting place was found at the Road Warrior Cafe. It was not overly crowded and it provided a perfect haven for ‘Roadholding’ Norton riders needing to enjoy motorcycling ambiance, convivial company, and with good food and coffee. It provides an ideal locale to await the cacophony of noise that can only be provided by ‘Approaching’ Nortons from North and South. One by one and in groups of 3 they arrived in, dare I say, almost equal numbers from the Hunter and Sydney Metro.

The Vintage motorbike week in Bathurst meant numbers were a little down, but this is a once in a year occurrence and I would never want to miss another one, not only a good selection of Commando’s, but many of those wonderful old classic Nortons in condition varying from barn fresh to pristine.

As a relative newcomer, I found everyone to be friendly and interested, and being the new owner of a pre war Norton very helpful and informative. I appreciated there was a very open minded attitude towards my slightly Colorado Norton-ised Commando, and I didn’t experience any ‘ocker knockers' counting rivets and any changes made to a standard. (Mmmmm Ocker Noccer could be a good name for club magazine). And I am the first to appreciate the pure original bikes that people are fortunate to own, there were plenty there to drool over!

My thanks to Ben Woolven who puts his heart and soul in to providing opportunities to meet up, ride and socialise on a bi weekly basis, and with two major annual events to the north and south of Sydney. Given it is a week for British royal visits, it was somewhat appropriate for President Tim to arrive fashionably late on his Royal Blue carriage and receive the Royal Norton Salute which resembled Winston Churchill’s Victory sign minus a finger. My personal favourite was Alan on his original owner, barn fresh commando resplendent in period dress of jeans and red flanno shirt. Thanks to Bob Davis for his helpful advice on pre war Nortons, and whilst I enjoyed the ride home with Joe on his yellow Norton, I am inconsolable that we left before the arrival of the Vincent Egli! But no doubt our very own filmmaker, The NOC’s version of Charles Chauvel ..Geoff H.....has caught it on film for us to view on Yotube at some time in the future

Don’t miss the next gathering at Stanwell Park in October

Written by NOCNSW member Brad