NOCNSW Pie in the Sky January 2014

Post date: Jan 6, 2014 12:46:42 AM

Pie in the Sky January 2014

The first Saturday of 2014 saw members meet at Pie in the Sky on the Old Pacific Highway north of Sydney.

It was a perfect summer’s morning and fantastic riding weather.

Three Commandos ridden by Ben, Brett and Frank arrived early but there was hardly a seat to be found as the weather had persuaded many other motorcycle enthusiasts to venture out.

Our friends from the Veteran and Historic Motorcycle Club also came along for the ride and the conversation covered any number of different bike makes and models. The motorcycle knowledge of members is amazing and I would not like to take them on in a game of Motorcycle Trivial Pursuit.

As is usual at Pie in the Sky the coffee was great and the pies were hot and tasty. A really fine way to spend a lazy summer’s Saturday morning.

Keep your eye on the calendar and watch for more Saturday morning rides.

Frank Loveridge