Ride To Thirlmere 2020

The weather was a bit gloomy and the rain was passing through - but we knew it was getting fine soon enough. Tim and I set out from St Ives towards the M2 and M7 - it was raining a bit!

Then half way down the M7, the rain ceased and never returned for the whole day. We arrived at the Crossroads to be greeted by Geoff and Eddie. Eddie had ridden from Thirlmere to the Crossroads to meet us.

Around 10.45 the 6 bikes took off with Geoff following in his car and videoing the ride.

The ride was good fun, a bit slow through Narellan etc, then the Camden bypass and down to Picton. From there a nice ride through the countryside to Thirlmere (and the pie shop!).

It wasn’t long before others arrived to make up a total of 13 on the day - well done and thank you to all who attended - a very enjoyable ride and time spent socialising.

Those who attended: Tim H (Rotary Commander); Ben W (750 Comm); Bob B (850 Comm); Rod B (750 Featherbed Cafe Racer); Graham D (750 Comm); Eddie R (Mod Triumph); Jeff A (600 Dominator); Dean H (961 Comm); Chloe H (650 Royal Enfield GT); Lew W ( Mod triumph); Danni (Mod Triumph); Paul (Mod Triumph) and Geoff H (car and video).

After a couple of hours spent talking and having lunch - people had to leave to return home either south or north. Tim suggested we go back the longer way via The Oaks, Warragamba and Wallacia etc up to Mulgoa - what a great road for bikes. No constabulary, just the occasional V8 ute with a “country Boy” giving it the berries on the straight bits!

A terrific ride back - thanks for the idea Tim. All in all an excellent day. We should do the same next year!

There were 3 more members who almost arrived to join us on the day. Paul H