Ride to Wiseman's Ferry 2018

Post date: Dec 23, 2018 6:30:21 AM

We all had a great ride to Wiseman’s last Sunday. Attendees were: Peter S (850 commando); David KB (750 Commando); Ben W (750 Laverda); Bruce H (800 BMW); Bob B (500 BSA Goldstar); Michael S (1000 Yamaha); Cayle P (1000 Suzuki).

The weather was great and the roads not too crowded. The road between McGrath’s Hill and Wiseman’s Ferry road is probably the best bit. Wiseman’s Ferry road has not had a lot of maintenance in the past few


800 BMW; 750 Laverda: 850 commando; 750 Commando:, 500 BSA Goldstar

We all enjoyed lunch at the pub – a nice way to finish the year.