The Zig Zag Ride  12/11/23

This was our first time riding to the Zig Zag Railway since it was reopened to the public.  9 of us started out from Maccas near Ettamogah pub at 9am, Richard (BMW R100), Tim (Commander ), Colby (Commander), Bob ( 850 Commando), Dave ( 750 Commando), Bruce ( BMW R80), Wayne (790 Bonnie), Steve (883 Harley Sportster), Martin (750 Commando).   Of the various routes to the Zig Zag, it was decided that we should follow Bruce on the back roads, given that this is Bruce’s territory. Bikes fired up and we were all ready to set off, except for Bruce. His BMW engine wouldn’t turn over. Puzzling given that his battery was just 12 months old. So two of us push-started Bruce.

Heading down Windsor road, we stopped at the lights, at Groves avenue on the left, when inexplicably both Tim and Martin took the left turn. The rest of us proceeded Down Windsor road to Windsor , and then onto the back roads. We stopped at the Grumpy Baker near Bilpin because as Bruce said, Tim and Martin will have to go past this place, and sure enough, not 5 minutes later, Tim arrived, closely followed by Martin.  This stop lasted about 15 minutes and we were about to head off again when Bruce decided it was best for him to take his non-starting BMW home. Another push-start and he was heading home to investigate the starter motor, solenoid, battery and/ or electrical terminals

The ride to the Zig Zag railway was always going to be the best part of the days outing, but it turned out to be pretty much the only part. Yes… Zig Zag was closed… hmmm something to check next time. Another  10 km up the road is Lithgow, so a destination, The Tin Shed was agreed and off we rode.

The local constabulary passed by, perhaps  to check that we had a good parking spot.  After refreshments it was agreed that we’d each choose to go our home either via Bells Line of Road or Katoomba.

Wayne and I chose Katoomba, but the Sunday traffic was not the best, next time it will be Bells for me, on a Sunday afternoon.

David KB