Historic Plates

Historic Vehicle Scheme Registration

NOCNSW is a recognised RMS Historic Vehicle Club. As such under the RMS Historic Vehicle Scheme members historic motorcycles can be conditional registered. Registration costs are low but riding is restricted. Historic Vehicle Scheme registration is commonly known as club or historic plates.

Historic Vehicle Scheme Registrations are non-transferable and must be surrendered to the RMS on sale of the machine.

Club members riding vehicles with Historic Vehicle Scheme Registration are reminded that if their Club Membership has lapsed, then their Registration and Insurance has also lapsed; ie. you are UNREGISTERED and UNINSURED.

All memberships are now due on 1st December each year.

Contact Historic Plate Registrar or Inspectors for help and advice before proceeding with registering your bike on your own.

We encourage you to contact your nearest machine examiner when your historic vehicle registration is due. This will make it a lot easier to keep our records accurate. If you live far away from our examiners - please ensure you post or email a copy of the "pink slip" to the club.

RMS Log Book

The Roads and Maritime Services log book scheme allows club members to have 60 extra days of personal use of their motorcycle if it is registered under the Historic Vehicle Scheme. That is 60 extra days on top of the club advertised days and days for other clubs which have reciprocal arrangements with us.

How Does Historic Vehicle Scheme Registration Work

The RMS website has the definitive information on the scheme at this link

In addition download and read Appendix 2 of the club constitution (below) to understand how Historic Vehicle Registration works, or look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).