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BSA Norton Gathering October 2016

posted 29 Oct 2016, 15:29 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:07 by NOC NSW ]

This was another successful event on October 9. A great range of bikes turned up and the weather was terrific. More than 70 bikes came to the day. I know a lot of members enjoyed the group ride – especially those who rode through the National Park. The shop definitely did a better job of catering for our food and drink needs.

The videos of previous gatherings can be viewed here.

Gathering of the Nortons Videos

posted 30 Nov 2015, 19:40 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:12 by NOC NSW ]

Youtube videos from Gatherings of the Nortons

Use the following link to watch the Gathering of the Nortons 2012 - The Gathering of the Nortons 2012

Gathering of the Nortons Stanwell Park 18th October 2015

posted 18 Oct 2015, 14:58 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:08 by NOC NSW ]

An enjoyable Norton day at Stanwell Park

Meeting with BSA Club at Surfside Motorcycle Garage

posted 22 Aug 2015, 00:55 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:25 by NOC NSW ]

A perfect day for riding a Norton! A dry cool morning that fined up to a warm day considering the brisk weather of late. It was a great effort to see a good turn out for Norton and BSA's to keep those ever increasingly and common Triumph bikes at bay. 

All three Marquees were in attendance and a generally friendly vibe was happening, 

And the venue is well suited with its 1950's diner decore, and great food and coffee. 

There are extensive workshop facilities at the rear to give a visitor who enjoys any classic bikes, plenty to peruse, an Imported 850 commando off the boat from England was on one of the work stands. 

I really can't wait to get my Norton Model 18 back on the road or we are at the risk of having to rename the club " the commando club". Apart from lacking the lineage of the Ace cafe in the north of London, this cafe certainly offers a lot more to see and strictly aimed at the motorcyclist.

Somewhat different to the usual gatherings, It was interesting when the girls on their cafe racers turned up, en masse, with the specific purpose of checking out the men who ride Nortons.

Pete's fashionably late arrival on the Egli did catch a few admirers, but I think the que to see the Hodaka Wombat belonging to Norton  owner/member  and sometime editor of VMX magazine (Ken) was a lot longer? , mmmm. Maybe not!

Thanks to Ben and the Committee for organising another venue for us to use our Nortons and I hope there are more gatherings to come!

Brad ( model 18)

P.S. This is the Honda scooter that Brad rode to Brookvale! 

Gathering of the Nortons Sydney 19th April 2015

posted 19 Apr 2015, 01:23 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:11 by NOC NSW ]

Norton Owners Club of NSW
Road Warrior Café Mount White  19 April 2015

Frank Loveridge


Although there was a threat of rain a glorious autumn day saw the annual north side Norton gathering at the Road Warrior Café at Mount White today.


A total of 24 Nortons assembled outside the café to show off what was a snapshot of the history of the marquee.


Oldest bike of the day was the beautifully presented 1911 Model 490 which made the journey from town. It is wonderful to see these old bikes still being ridden today. It should be remembered that the little Model 490 was built 4 years before the Anzac landing at Gallipoli which is having its one hundred year anniversary this year.


It is important that these vintage machines remain roadworthy and on the road and as a club of course that is exactly what we encourage.


Commandos once again provided the largest number of bikes on the day but with assorted ES2s, Atlas and Dominators on display there was something for everyone. I am always amazed at the effort that owners put in to maintaining their bikes. I might even wash my Commando one day but I prefer to call it patina rather than road dirt.


It was great to see a sparkling Dunstall Norton arrive to add a bit of spice to the day. These are surely a very rare bike indeed.


A special mention should go to our friends from the Hunter and the Central Coast for making the journey and proudly flying the Norton flag.


It was unfortunate that no modern 916 Norton was able to make trip but hopefully we may get to see one at our spring gathering at Stanwell Park and I look forward to seeing friends and bikes, old and new, there.

Club at Eastern Creek for BSFOS

posted 22 Mar 2015, 05:58 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:07 by NOC NSW ]

The NOCNSW was at the 2015 Barry Sheene Festival of Speed this weekend.  I popped in on Sunday morning early to find the tent erected already and manned by the club president and a few other club stalwarts.
Club Nortons

There was a steady flow of enquires from people dropping by the tent to either have a chat about Nortons, buy some merch or enquire about the club and at least one new member signed up over the weekend. Good to see some old and new faces, check out other members solutions to the Commando's quirks and even watch a few races.

Thanks to all who turned up to help over the weekend.

Norton Gathering Stanwell Park October 2014

posted 7 Jan 2015, 17:20 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:26 by NOC NSW ]

This was a great day 55 bikes in attendance. Thanks to everyone who turned up. Next Norton Gathering is Mt White in April 2015! Please check the diary.


Gathering of the Nortons Sydney 13th April 2014

posted 16 Apr 2014, 02:43 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:08 by NOC NSW ]

Norton Line up
After weathering showers, which were strictly coastal, a suitably dry meeting place was found at the Road Warrior Cafe. It was not overly crowded and it provided a perfect haven for ‘Roadholding’ Norton riders needing to enjoy motorcycling ambiance, convivial company, and with good food and coffee. It provides an ideal locale to await the cacophony of noise that can only be provided by ‘Approaching’ Nortons from North and South. One by one and in groups of 3 they arrived in, dare I say, almost equal numbers from the Hunter and Sydney Metro.

The Vintage motorbike week in Bathurst meant numbers were a little down, but this is a once in a year occurrence and I would never want to miss another one, not only a good selection of Commando’s, but many of those wonderful old classic Nortons in condition varying from barn fresh to pristine.

As a relative newcomer, I found everyone to be friendly and interested, and being the new owner of a pre war Norton very helpful and informative. I appreciated there was a very open minded attitude towards my slightly Colorado Norton-ised Commando, and I didn’t experience any ‘ocker knockers' counting rivets and any changes made to a standard. (Mmmmm  Ocker Noccer could be a good name for club magazine). And I am the first to appreciate the pure original bikes that people are fortunate to own, there were plenty there to drool over!

My thanks to Ben Woolven who puts his heart and soul in to providing opportunities to meet up, ride and socialise on a bi weekly basis, and with two major annual events to the north and south of Sydney. Given it is a week for British royal visits, it was somewhat appropriate for President Tim to arrive fashionably late on his Royal Blue carriage and receive the Royal Norton Salute which resembled Winston Churchill’s Victory sign minus a finger. My personal favourite was Alan on his original owner, barn fresh commando resplendent in period dress of jeans and red flanno shirt. Thanks to Bob Davis for his helpful advice on pre war Nortons, and whilst I enjoyed the ride home with Joe on his yellow Norton, I am inconsolable that we left before the arrival of the Vincent Egli! But no doubt our very own filmmaker, The NOC’s version of Charles Chauvel ..Geoff H.....has caught it on film for us to view on Yotube at some time in the future

Don’t miss the next gathering at Stanwell Park in October

Written by a relatively new NOC of NSW member


Older Norton

Fastback arrives

Pie in the Sky 4 January 2014

posted 5 Jan 2014, 16:46 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:27 by NOC NSW ]

Pie in the Sky January 2014

The first Saturday of 2014 saw members meet at Pie in the Sky on the Old Pacific Highway north of Sydney.

It was a perfect summer’s morning and fantastic riding weather.

Three Commandos ridden by Ben, Brett and Frank arrived early but there was hardly a seat to be found as the weather had persuaded many other motorcycle enthusiasts to venture out.

Our friends from the Veteran and Historic Motorcycle Club also came along for the ride and the conversation covered any number of different bike makes and models. The motorcycle knowledge of members is amazing and I would not like to take them on in a game of Motorcycle Trivial Pursuit.

As is usual at Pie in the Sky the coffee was great and the pies were hot and tasty. A really fine way to spend a lazy summer’s Saturday morning.

Keep your eye on the calendar and watch for more Saturday morning rides.


Frank Loveridge 

Sydney Norton Gathering 20 October 2013

posted 5 Jan 2014, 16:36 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 9 May 2017, 20:27 by NOC NSW ]

Norton Gathering Sydney (south) at Stanwell Park, NSW, Australia on 20 October 2013

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