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BSA and Norton Gathering April 2018

posted 1 Jun 2018, 23:27 by Paul Maddock

The Gathering on April 15 was another great day. A nice variety of bikes and a chance to catch up with friends and enthusiasts. The change of venue was probably worthwhile even though the area was packed with many other bikes in the first hour or so. Next year we will have the Gathering there again and maybe get there a little earlier to secure the area at the northern end of the service station. 


BSA and Norton Surfside Febuary 2018

posted 16 Mar 2018, 01:59 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 16 Mar 2018, 02:10 ]

It was a great morning with nice weather to ride to Brookvale to meet with the BSA guys and others. Members who attended were Ben (850 Comm), Tim (850 Comm), Brett (850 Comm), Ray (750 Comm), Peter (1200 Egli Vincent), Bruce / Regina (Mod Triumph), Mark (Yamaha), Michael (Suzuki) and there may have been others but I can’t remember – sorry (old age).

The BSA guys had their regular group who also enjoyed the morning.

BSA and Norton Ride to Patonga January 2018

posted 16 Mar 2018, 01:44 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 16 Mar 2018, 01:47 ]

The ride with the BSA Club to Patonga on the 14th of Jan was a very good day. The weather looked a little threatening early but cleared up to nice sunshine. The BSA boys had a great turnout – 17 of them came along. Unfortunately, we only had 3! - Tim (750 Norton), Mark (Yamaha) and myself (850 Norton). It was a nice ride and the food excellent at the renovated pub / shop setup. - Ben Jan 2018 Newsletter

Unapproachable Rally May 2017

posted 11 Nov 2017, 19:18 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 16 Mar 2018, 02:06 ]

The rally was held at Denman 19th - 21st May. The rally on Saturday went from Denman through some scenic back roads via Wybong across to Aberdeen for morning tea at the local pie shop. The ride continued to Gundy via Glenbawn Dam. At the Gundy pub the judging was carried during lunch. The ride back was along back roads via Dartbrook and Kayuga. Fortunately the rain stopped early in the morning and fine weather prevailed during the rally. Only a few late showers had to be avoided. The prize giving and raffles was that evening at the Royal Hotel in Denman which provided full support for the event. 
Overall great location, beautiful country side and an enjoyable group of riders. 

Peter S 

PS: I was totally surprised to be awarded the prize for Best Norton Twin 

Unapproachable 2017

Report taken from the June 2017 Newsletter

Macquarie Towns Rally July 2017

posted 11 Nov 2017, 19:08 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 15 Mar 2018, 23:37 ]

Nine club members attended the Macquarie Towns rally. The weather was great and the organisation and catering by the club was most appreciated.

154 bikes attended on Saturday. A great display of machinery!

Those who attended : Kevin F (850 Commando); Peter S (850 Commando); Brett R (750 Guzzi); Ben W (850 Commando); Michael D (850 Commando); Mark C (Yamaha); Brian M (750 Commando); Neville T (500 AJS); Joe V ( 850 Commando).

Well done guys. See you there next Year.

From the August 2017 Newsletter

BSA and Norton Gathering October 2017

posted 11 Nov 2017, 17:36 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 11 Nov 2017, 17:59 ]

What a great day we had at Stanwell Park for our Southern Gathering this year. There was a terrific number of interesting machines there to see. Lots of Nortons and BSA’s of all different types, Velocettes, Vincents, Triumphs, a great Ariel square 4, Moto Guzzis, etc. Thanks must go to the various clubs which attended. We had organised rides from the Macquarie Towns Club, The Vincent Owners, and the Classic Italian MC club. 
Many riders from other clubs came along for the day. There were people from the Classic and Enthusiasts Club ,Trident Owners Club and the Shoalhaven Classic Club. I may have missed people from other clubs – my apologies if I left you out.

Thank you to all who helped out on the day – especially Tim and Jono for their work on the Bar-B-Q.

Taken from the November 2017 Newsletter penned by Ben

Norton / BSA Gathering, Stanwell Park, 29 October 2017

BSA and Norton Gathering October 2016

posted 29 Oct 2016, 15:29 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 20 Mar 2018, 21:59 ]

This was another successful event on October 9. A great range of bikes turned up and the weather was terrific. More than 70 bikes came to the day. I know a lot of members enjoyed the group ride – especially those who rode through the National Park. The shop definitely did a better job of catering for our food and drink needs.

Ben, October 2016 Newsletter

Stanwell 2016

Videos of previous gatherings can be viewed here.

Norton Gathering October 2015

posted 18 Oct 2015, 14:58 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 20 Mar 2018, 21:24 by Paul Maddock ]

An enjoyable Norton day at Stanwell Park.

BSA and Norton Surfside August 2015

posted 22 Aug 2015, 00:55 by Paul Maddock   [ updated 20 Mar 2018, 21:45 ]

A perfect day for riding a Norton! A dry cool morning that fined up to a warm day considering the brisk weather of late. It was a great effort to see a good turn out for Norton and BSA's to keep those ever increasingly and common Triumph bikes at bay. 

All three Marquees were in attendance and a generally friendly vibe was happening, 

And the venue is well suited with its 1950's diner decore, and great food and coffee. 

There are extensive workshop facilities at the rear to give a visitor who enjoys any classic bikes, plenty to peruse, an Imported 850 commando off the boat from England was on one of the work stands.

I really can't wait to get my Norton Model 18 back on the road or we are at the risk of having to rename the club " the commando club". Apart from lacking the lineage of the Ace cafe in the north of London, this cafe certainly offers a lot more to see and strictly aimed at the motorcyclist.

Somewhat different to the usual gatherings, It was interesting when the girls on their cafe racers turned up, en masse, with the specific purpose of checking out the men who ride Nortons.

Pete's fashionably late arrival on the Egli did catch a few admirers, but I think the que to see the Hodaka Wombat belonging to Norton  owner/member  and sometime editor of VMX magazine (Ken) was a lot longer? , mmmm. Maybe not!

Thanks to Ben and the Committee for organising another venue for us to use our Nortons and I hope there are more gatherings to come!

Brad ( model 18)

P.S. This is the Honda scooter that Brad rode to Brookvale! 

Norton Gathering April 2015

posted 19 Apr 2015, 01:23 by NOCNSW Site   [ updated 20 Mar 2018, 21:07 by Paul Maddock ]

Although there was a threat of rain a glorious autumn day saw the annual north side Norton gathering at the Road Warrior Café at Mount White today.

A total of 24 Nortons assembled outside the café to show off what was a snapshot of the history of the marquee.

Oldest bike of the day was the beautifully presented 1911 Model 490 which made the journey from town.It is wonderful to see these old bikes still being ridden today. It should be remembered that the little Model 490 was built 4 years before the Anzac landing at Gallipoli which is having its one hundred year anniversary this year.
It is important that these vintage machines remain roadworthy and on the road and as a club of course that is exactly what we encourage.

Commandos once again provided the largest number of bikes on the day but with assorted ES2s, Atlas and Dominators on display there was something for everyone. I am always amazed at the effort that owners put in to maintaining their bikes. I might even wash my Commando one day but I prefer to call it patina rather than road dirt.

It was great to see a sparkling Dunstall Norton arrive to add a bit of spice to the day. These are surely a very rare bike indeed.

A special mention should go to our friends from the Hunter and the Central Coast for making the journey and proudly flying the Norton flag.

It was unfortunate that no modern 916 Norton was able to make trip but hopefully we may get to see one at our spring gathering at Stanwell Park and I look forward to seeing friends and bikes, old and new, there. 

Frank Loveridge, Norton Owners Club of NSW, Road Warrior Café Mount White 19 April 2015

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